February 12, 2019

Dear Investor,

The Trump administration policies are as divisive as they are monumental.

Yet in the cracks, concealed under the smokescreen of the culture war and political upheaval…

Are industries and companies that are advancing their interests, with the ultimate goal of increasing revenue and market share.

And being the first to the market could help your portfolio make huge gains.

This report will open your eyes to a mature American ‘cartel’ that is perfectly aligned with the Trump administration…

This cartel is who Mueller should really be after.


But before we get ahead of ourselves, I’d like to introduce myself:

My name is Peter Pham…

Managing director here at One Road Research, a Singapore-based research firm I set up to analyze global equity and commodity markets. Before you proceed, let me provide you a private briefing:


and by the end of this letter, you will gain:

  1. A new understanding of the real intents behind the policies of the Trump Administration.

  2. A chance to capitalize on an opportunity of a lifetime.

  3. How to begin your own journey to discovering and uncovering your own truths behind the policies and actions of governments throughout the world.

  4. A chance to access One Road’s research, tools, and publications to better understand how macroeconomic and geopolitical events affect your investment portfolio.

Stay with me as I give you some context, in case you haven’t been closely following US politics.


Here’s how we got here:

The US-China trade war has been fought under the name of American ‘national security’.

We all know the rhetoric…we must ‘protect’ ourselves from the threat of a Chinese new world order.

Director of Trade and Industrial Policy Peter Navarro released his anti-China political documentary: “Death by China”, highlighting China’s use of ‘tricks’ and policies to give them an upper hand in the global economy, without opening up to foreign investors.


Secretary of Commerce Wilber Ross wanted to “modify China’s behavior.”

US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer asked “how does allowing China to constantly rig trade in its favor advance the core conservative goal of making markets more efficient?”

Soy producers and other farmers are hemorrhaging billions of dollars.

American allies are distancing themselves, bitterly pushing back against the perceived belligerence of the Trump Administration’s foreign policy.

Chinese stocks are plummeting.

China stocks.png

And the American Empire is collapsing from the inside out.

But is this true? There must be a reason, an intent, for Trump’s policies, right? There must be groups that are set to benefit.

We realized—not all is doom and gloom.

These questions were the seed for our investigation, the initial catalyst for this explosive opportunity.

So we began to utilize our proprietary investment model for tracking commodity trends, the in-house Commodity Investment Cycle model, searching for…and finding the signals we needed.

Which led to our Special Counsel Investigation... we uncovered COLLUSION and MEDDLING by an influential American industry we’ve dubbed "The Cartel".

The Cartel is a group which has been influencing nearly every single decision of the US administration for the purposes of securing its position for decades to come.

And for the first time, we will be releasing our findings to you, fellow investors.

Who is this mysterious, shadow group of US corporations meddling in domestic politics?

Wilber Ross, Robert Lighthizer, and Peter Navarro? They have strong ties to The Cartel.

And well, it goes far, far deeper than just the US-China trade war.

We’ve traced the Cartel’s fingerprints on policies such as:

The Wall debate.

The US withdrawal from the TPP.

A $1.5 Trillion infrastructure development plan.

The immediate lift of environmental regulations, and men like Scott Pruitt and Andrew Wheeler to head the EPA.

The divisive corporate tax cuts, boosting the profitability of The Cartel’s business by three-fold.

All of these policies and actions have direct connections, some covert, some obvious, to The Cartel.


so, Who is the cartel?

Find Out In Our New Special Report

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Why Did We Write This Report?

There are two reasons.

You deserve to take control and to have a full understanding of the political and economic climate that you live in.

How can you make any decision if you don’t have the FACTS?

Secondly, this simply is an opportunity of a lifetime. And one that can be shared with the American people.

The Cartel isn’t out to get you. It’s out to get MONEY.

And who says you can’t take advantage of your special knowledge? Who says that YOU can’t also PROFIT?

But you need to know…

The market has not correctly priced the industry and corporations that we reveal in our report just yet.

In fact, this Cartel is currently trading at a steep discount to their future earnings… despite posting record profits and revenue. How did we know?

We spotted a MASSIVE DIVERGENCE between price and future potential earnings. The market has only priced in negative impacts of tariffs on the Cartel members. And for TWO YEARS, the market has not realized it’s been wrong.

Yet, only recently has a small group of sharp and clued-in investors realized this error, and covertly invested into the Cartel members under the radar as the world was distracted by the market correction in December of last year.

And on top of this, the upside potential of this trade-of-a-lifetime is HUGE, as the market has not discounted for all of the catalysts:

  • Infrastructure Plan

  • Environmental deregulations

  • Tax Cuts

  • Border Wall


So once the market realizes the mistake….the secret list of Cartel members revealed by our exclusive Special Collusion report can really transform your portfolio!

In other words:

Take advantage of our findings NOW, because every single day that goes by increases the chance of a market correction, and then you will miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime on this trade.

And there are many more other industries benefiting from government policy out there…

Our one-of-a-kind Commodity Investment Cycle model provided the signals we needed to capture some of the best investment opportunities we’ve ever found.


After Reading the Report, You’ll Be Able To:

  1. Discover debt influence in the market that signals something BIG.

  2. Follow the signs, researching deeper and forming a hypothesis.

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  4. Execute and make some of the most interesting investments you’ll ever make, like the pros.

Our back-tested result shows spot return of 84%!

Our back-tested result shows spot return of 84%!

This process is exactly how we uncovered the secretive cartel. But not just one, but many new opportunities, just by following this simple process of investigation. Our methodology has allowed us to compile all of our findings on a monthly basis and present them to you.

Are you ready to start your investigative journey with us?


Want To Learn More About The Cartel?

Here’s our MAcro-Analysis:


In Feb of 2018, Trump unveiled a new infrastructure plan worth US$1.5 trillion to revive “crumbling” American roads and highways, as well as seaports and airports.

It is estimated that 7 out of 100 miles of roadway nationwide in the US are in poor condition, 9% of bridges nationwide need some repair, and 17% of dams in the country have a high hazard potential—meaning a functional failure would result in the loss of life.

To fix them, it would require a large amount of this commodity, also produced by The Cartel.

Can you guess who The Cartel is by now?

Environmental Deregulation

As a legacy industry, The Cartel was targeted heavily by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for greenhouse emission reduction during the Obama administration.

Rising production costs crippled producers’ already thin margins and put The Cartel in an noncompetitive position relative to foreign companies.

This suddenly changed when President Trump was elected in 2016.

Environmental regulations were immediately lifted and men with ties to The Cartel like Scott Pruitt and Andrew Wheeler were elected to head the EPA.

Tax Cuts

While Corporate America was enjoying a boost to their profitability last year, The Cartel sees the most gains from Trump’s tax cuts.

Yet as a historically low-margin business, The Cartel’s TTM net margin jumped three-fold thanks to low effective tax rates and tariffs:

None of this is a coincidence.

The most powerful man in the United States is NOT a simpleton.

Surrounded by a talented team, Trump’s Cabinet don’t make FOOLISH decisions.

Someone, some group, is set to benefit. There is always an agenda, a direct (and indirect) intent to all policy actions.

But it’s up to US to uncover what, where, and with who the REAL benefit lies.

So don’t miss out, receive your Special Report uncovering the secrets of The Cartel now.


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