How to Profit from Trump’s America

A one road special counsel investigation

The Trump administration policies are as divisive as they are monumental. Yet in the cracks are industries and companies that are advancing their interests, with the ultimate goal of increasing revenue and market share And being the first to the market could help your portfolio make huge gains.

This report will open your eyes to a mature American ‘cartel’ that is perfectly aligned with the Trump administration…



Asia Insider Report

June 2018 issue: Profiting from 'made in china 2025'

China is injecting large sums of cash into their technology industry as part of their 'Made in China 2025' Initiative, and some companies are undoubtedly going to experience massive growth from this special government treatment.

This issue of Asia Insider Report spotlights a special Chinese manufacturer that is uniquely-positioned to benefit from this massive guidance of capital.


Asia's Big Heist

Know these 8 unconventional lessons before investing in asia

Not so long ago, in the mid-1990s, the Thai government and local banks were pouring money into real estate projects. Asia’s debt cycle was out of control, with loose money in circulation. Everyone was profiting. International hedge funds and institutional investors honed in on Thailand’s “hot” real estate industry, and finally, it fell apart.

In this report, we've delineated 8 'steps' a few clever investors sneakily (but legally) used to rob major banks in Asia, with a twist.