The Commodity Cycle Portfolio and research suite is designed for commodity investors and money managers. Members get access to our model portfolio and research: reports of our commodities and companies in the region.

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Our Portfolio

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One Road Publishing Ltd. Pte. requires its staff to wait 24 hours after an investment recommendation is published online before taking action. We do not receive (directly or indirectly) any revenue from any introduction of customer business to brokers. We receive only subscription fees for our research services.

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Updated February 28, 2019

Commodity Analyzer

One Road Research publishes an annual report called the Commodity Analyzer, composed of 13 commodity fact sheets, breaking down our favorite commodities’ supply and demand drivers, CAPEX, and other macroeconomic data compiled from our proprietary sources. We will continue to update this report regularly and notify you accordingly via email.


Special Reports


How To Profit From Trump’s America



Capital Deployment Index

CDI’s objective is to measure investment activity in global economies and track the flow of funds from the central banks and capital markets into sectors and companies.