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A Truly asia-centric investment model

Why do so many investors completely misunderstand Asia, resulting in poor investment performance? One explanation is that Asia developed much differently than Western economies. The region’s governments and central banks dominate the flow of capital throughout the economy, so many mainstream ways of investing simply don't work here.


The Asian Capital Development Model

That’s why we’ve created boots-on-the-ground, Asia-focused investment model called Asian Capital Development, or ACD, that is properly tailored to these local forces. It’s part of the Asia 360° research suite, where we spotlight some of the most compelling stocks, regions, and sectors in Asia and by extension, the world.


Portfolio Preview


Our Asia 360° Model Portfolios outperformed:

  • Nikkei 225 Index by 260%

  • SET Index by 158%

  • Jakarta Composite Index by 157%

  • FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI by 145%

  • Shanghai SE Composite Index by 130%

  • KOSPI Index by 35%


Do Not Invest In Asia

Unless you understand how these markets really work, because Asian governments “play favorites”.

Under the government’s direction, central banks funnel money to commercial banks, where cheap credit is then doled out. They fund “strategic sectors”, turning them into ‘high-velocity’ hubs, referring to the speed in which money circulates throughout an economy.

Because so many economies in Asia are based on debt and credit, we can determine where debt growth will be in an economy and invest accordingly.

More than an investment model

It’s an entire methodology. Asia 360° is driven by Asian Capital Development, our in-house, proprietary investment model that tracks and measures in real time the “hot spots” in debt cycles—where debt comes from, where the next boom will occur, and how long the “high” might last—resulting in consistent and unique investment opportunities throughout the region.

we understand asia

fifteen years in the making

Those are the lessons that I, Peter Pham, managing director of One Road Research, learned throughout my career managing money in Asia, authoring The Big Trade: Simple Strategies for Maximum Market Returns, and constructing an investment index for Vietnam with S&P Dow Jones.

By seeking to understand the region ourselves, we uncovered the root of the problem in Asia and wanted to share those lessons with you.


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We publish our conclusions for you in our premium research suite, Asia 360°, which consists of the Asia Insider report, the Asia Observer stock watchlists, and Asia Analyzer stock fact sheets. You’ll also get access to all of our Investment Dashboards and Models.

Use this information to isolate the most strategic countries, industries, sectors, and companies for your investment portfolio.


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