Actionable Investment Research


for investors focused on The fastest-growing region in the world.

In One Road Research's Asia 360° monthly research publication, we spotlight some of the most compelling stocks, regions, and sectors in Asia and by extension, the world.


Here are some ways Asia 360° will help you as an investor:

Put boots on the ground by utilizing our research team. Every month, we spend hundreds of hours investigating companies throughout the region. Let us be your guide in Asia.
Hunt down and isolate the exact regions and sectors that are benefiting as well as depreciating due to changes in capital flow.
Structure a comprehensive Asia portfolio that is not only highly-diversified, but truly one-of-a-kind, using hundreds of stocks we've independently researched. Many of them have gone unnoticed in the region, while others are major companies with solid fundamentals.
Leverage our in-house economic models to more objectively appraise companies in Asia, specifically tailored to the region's various unique economic and governmental structures.

We take a three-step, Top-Down approach to our research.

step 1

Asia Observer


One Road Research has developed a proprietary economic model to monitor and understand Asia's 'hot spots', countries and sectors that are benefiting from how debt and capital is distributed throughout the region. 

Step 2

Asia Analyzer


We completely reimagined what a stock sheet could be and should be, starting with how visuals communicate market patterns and trends. You'll receive 80-100 proprietary Asia Analyzer stock highlight sheets every month.

Step 3

Asia Insider


In the Asia Insider report, we spotlight our favorite stock for the month, poring over the stock's background, financials, forecast, and valuation. The result is a 15 page deep-dive analysis that you won't find anywhere else.