Is This the End of Free Thought As We Know It?


The French mathematician Renee Descartes famously said: “I think, therefore I am.”

This quote philosophically points out the key difference between humans and machines — that we have free will, while machines do not. 

And as long as we can think for our own, we exist.  

Yet with the rise of artificial intelligence, the utility and existence of free-thinking humans is under question. Will machines gain the ability that has made the human species unique — how to develop independent thoughts and ideas? 

The ability to create?

More importantly, as authoritarian states such as China begin using controls such as the social credit system to monitor and dictate the conduct of their citizens (with the help of profit-chasing corporations like Hikvision), what will happen to us once artificial intelligence comes to maturity? 

And what power have we already relinquished, with our smartphones and social media, that makes information both easily accessible and often so out of reach?

We understand that life is changing. 

And for us, what we can do is uncover what opportunities will exist, or be created, due to this evolving society that we live within.

What do you think will happen as artificial intelligence reaches maturity? Feel free to send me an email with your thoughts on the future of artificial intelligence.

Peter Pham