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8 unconventional lessons before investing in asia

Learn how clever investors unusually profited from the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, including:

→ How do I profit from Asia's economic manipulation?

→ How did Asia become the world's manufacturing center? Know the next phase.

→ Why are 4 out of 5 of the world’s largest banks in Asia?


We Decode Asia. You invest.

A boutique Asia research firm

Helping you truly understand the Asian markets. Although many investors recognize the region's incredible rise and potential, they still struggle to truly understand it, particularly its:

→ Economic manipulation

→ Regulatory & legal systems

→ Unique business cultures

To name a few. We ‘decode’ these features for investors by putting our boots on the ground and creating one-of-a-kind intelligence.


Bespoke investment models


institutional-level research


Local, Deep-dive analysis

As published on:


Legendary fund manager of Franklin Templeton Investments

Dr. Mark Mobius

on cryptocurrencies, business, & finance

in an exclusive interview.


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