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On the Road with Ole Bjerg

On the Road with Ole Bjerg

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One Road Podcast uses relevant excerpts from Peter Pham’s excellent Big Trade podcast series and combines the excerpts into a nuanced take on our investment newsletter content.

Who could have thought that games would have so much in common with our economic systems! On this unique One Road Podcast, Peter speaks with Ole Bjerg about the parallels between poker and capitalism.

Following a discussion on the history of the two and how they are related, Ole speaks about what makes a good society, insofar that it is one that provides many people with the potential to hedge against risk.

To end the conversation, Peter and Ole talk about the build up of big systems in the the 20th century, and, in order to survive, how you need to learn how to interact how with these huge systems. It begs the question – will we (in the future) have a world with a few large systems or a world with many small ones…

Would you have a preference?

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