Is Asia asking to be robbed?

How to Rob a Bank: The Evidence

How to Rob a Bank: The Evidence

Welcome to our special series highlighting snapshots of our Bank-Robbing guidebook: the Asian Capital Development (ACD) Special Report.

For each day this week, we are taking a look at the different steps you need to take to rob the big Asian banks legally. Download the full report here.

For our final daily, we present the hard evidence of the system in motion: our own tried and tested manipulation of the Asian banking system for profit:


After analyzing several industries back in 2009, One Road Research noticed that Chinese banks were pouring gobs of money into glass manufacturing plants.

We looked for a company receiving substantial debt in this burning up industry.

We found the Fuyao Glass Company, a reputable Chinese automotive glass manufacturer for Ford, GM and Volkswagen. The company’s debt growth was at 33 percent that same year!

At the time, Fuyao was showing great, steady growth. In the automobile market, car inventory was low while sales were climbing sky-high. Car production ramped up too, benefitting automobile component suppliers. Fuyao’s position in the automobile glass industry was clearly lucrative.

With accumulating debt and booming demand, Fuyao was quickly becoming a “hot spot”. We decided this was one stock definitely worth breaking into.

Quickly moving our investments to Fuyao Glass in order to capture their initial debt growth gains proved worthwhile. By the end of 2009, Fuyao’s stock peaked. Shortly thereafter, we jumped ship and made out with a jaw dropping profit – 126 percent in returns.

That is just one of the examples of manipulating the Asian banking system and debt cycle included in our Special Report, and brings to an end our week of providing snapshots of its contents.

Download it here now to get the full low-down on how and when you can take advantage of Asia’s banking sector for your own personal profit.