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How to Rob a Bank Step 2: Put the team together

How to Rob a Bank Step 2: Put the team together

Welcome to our special series highlighting snapshots of our Bank-Robbing guidebook: the Asian Capital Development (ACD) Special Report.

For each day this week, we are taking a look at the different steps you need to take to rob the big Asian banks legally. Download the full report here.

As we outlined in yesterday’s feature, first breaking down the DNA of the banking situation is needed.

Knowledge is power in this case. Next is getting the insider information using all P.I. skills available to you.

By doing so you’ll discover the relationships involved in the system. Once you get the system down pat, you can examine the evidence and decide on your timing.

The next steps follow swiftly – that is choosing your targets, making the heist and getaway, and remembering, to always be on the move.

This all part and parcel of our “hot spot” locating model, as it unveils the companies receiving preferential treatment in the form of cheap credit.

This exposure to otherwise off-limit low-cost credit will ensure a tremendous stock rise alongside the targets’ initial debt growth.

What are we referring to when we say “know the DNA”? Understanding DNA reveals the building blocks to life itself – and in this situation, Asia’s DNA is based upon ACD and the reform policies that were implemented by new governments when they came to power.

From the ACD model and policies, many wheels were put into motion that allow us to follow and track the rise of Asia’s debt addiction. It is this addiction that we take advantage of for personal profit.

The benefits derived from subsidies are generally transitional. Most of the benefit will go to those who can take advantage of the new scheme quickly.

Meanwhile, opportunity costs are the reality for latecomers, as they have to pay higher prices for market entry.

The same goes using our debt growth model to locate stocks in Asian markets geared for greatness.

If you’re too late to the game, you’re going to pay top price. And guess what, these stocks will likely lose their value soon.

So don’t wait around. Download our Special Report to find out where to put your money, let it grow fast and get out before the floor falls through.